Tips To Manage Your Spring Allergy: What You Should Know

Tips To Manage Your Spring Allergy: What You Should Know

Spring Allergy


A Few Tips to Help Manage That Spring Allergy

If there is one thing that won’t put a little spring in your step, it’s allergies. Instead of enjoying the nice weather, you have to worry about itchy eyes and cough attacks. Luckily, we’re here to offer you a few tips to help manage your allergies this spring.

Tip #1: Do some spring cleaning!

Whip out your cleaning supplies and get rid of the dust that has been building up in your home all winter to make it as allergen-free as possible. Vacuum thoroughly and consider getting a HEPA filter. Also, keep your pets off your bed! Your fluffy friends can carry pollen and attract dust mites. This means even if you aren’t allergic to their specific allergens, your pets can still bring other allergy triggering symptoms into your home.

Tip #2: Check the pollen and mold count every morning!

You can check the pollen count every morning online. Right here on, we include the pollen count for you. Use this to prepare yourself for the day ahead—both mentally and by taking your allergy medication. If the count is especially high, consider staying indoors.

Tip #3: Get a shot targeting your symptoms!

If your medication to manage your allergies isn’t working, consider getting an allergy shot! Allergy shots are effective in treating many types of spring allergies. Visit a trusted source, like McGovern Allergy and Asthma Clinic, to get yours today.

Tip #4:  Wear big sunglasses suggests wearing big sunglasses to prevent allergens from flying in your eyes. You could also be trendy and wear a face mask if your allergies are severe. Since many spring allergens are too minuscule to be filtered naturally by your nose and throat, defense mechanisms such as sunglasses or face masks can help filter the air around you.

Tip #5: Switch up your shower routine

Showering at night can actually be better for your allergies, according to So if you’re a morning shower person, try switching it up and showering at night to wash all that pollen off.

If you feel like you’ve tried everything on this tip list and your allergy symptoms still aren’t improving, book an appointment with a trusted allergy clinic, like McGovern Allergy and Asthma Clinic. McGovern’s board-certified allergists can help by conducting tests to see what specific allergens are causing you grief and finding you a treatment that actually works.