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Dr. Serge De Golovine

Board Certified Physician

I love my job as a Houston allergist! I make sure to dedicate enough time for each of my patients to examine them and hear their concerns. I love creating a hypothesis, coming up with a plan, and seeing the results. I enjoy seeing my patients smile and making them laugh when I can. My team and I are committed to creating an empathetic and warm atmosphere, which is crucial in the healing process.
- Dr. Serge de Golovine

Getting to Know Dr. Serge De Golovine

Meet Dr. De Golovine

Board-certified in adult and pediatric Allergy and Immunology since 2012, Dr. Serge De Golovine has been practicing at McGovern Allergy & Asthma Clinic since February 2013. He received his Doctor of Medicine from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He completed his residency training in Internal Medicine and fellowship training in Allergy, Immunology, and Rheumatology at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. He became a Board Certified Internal Medicine doctor in 2008, a Board-Certified Rheumatologist, and a Board-Certified Allergist/Immunologist in 2012. While working at Baylor as Chief Fellow, Dr. De Golovine received multiple awards for his basic science research in asthma treatments. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, where for over 10 years, he lectured to students and residents at Texas Children’s Hospital and trained Allergy Immunology fellows at the Ben Taub Hospital to become future allergists.

After years of suffering from allergies, Dr. De Golovine has learned to understand his patients on a personal level allowing him to build a close relationship with them. He enjoys treating children and adults with allergies while focusing on asthma, sinusitis, food allergies, and skin rashes using a personalized, holistic approach. Despite not currently practicing Internal Medicine or Rheumatology, his experience, and training in three specialties allow him to apply broad medical knowledge to treat his patients. He is fluent in Spanish, Italian, Russian, French, German, and English. In his free time, Dr. De Golovine enjoys traveling with his wife while surfing, mountain biking, and Heli-skiing around the globe.

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