Location - McGovern Allergy And Asthma Clinic

Contact Us

    Department Contacts

    Main Office: (713) 661-1444
    Office Fax: (713) 661-6604
    Phone Nurses: (713) 662-5568
    Appointments: (713) 662-5550
    Bookkeeping/Insurance: (713) 662-5575
    Managed Care Insurance (HMO/PPO/POS): (713) 662-5575
    Careers and Employment Fax: (713) 661-6604 (Attn: Dorrette Littleton, Office Manager)

    Hours of Operation

    Monday: 08:30am – 05:30pm
    Tuesday: 08:30am – 05:30pm
    Wednesday: 08:30am – 05:30pm
    Thursday: 08:30am – 05:30pm
    Friday: 08:30am – 05:30pm
    Saturday: 08:30am – 12:30pm
    Sunday: CLOSED

    Injection Hours:

    Monday: 08:30am – 05:00pm
    Tuesday: 08:30am – 05:00pm
    Wednesday: 08:30am – 05:00pm
    Thursday: 08:30am – 05:00pm
    Friday: 08:30am – 05:00pm
    Saturday: 08:30am – 10:30pm

    (Multi-dose, no exceptions)


    Phone Calls
    Every phone call is important to us. All messages are reviewed by the physician; however, your call may be returned by a staff member. Our providers will not leave their scheduled patients to return routine phone calls. Please allow 24-48 hours for routine phone calls to be answered.
    Prescription Refills(s)
    Please contact your pharmacy for routine prescription refill(s) and allow 24-48 hours for your prescription to be processed.
    If you are interested in a new medication or if your prescription request is beyond the scheduled follow-up visit, you must schedule an appointment to discuss this with your physician. We will not call in a prescription for a medication that has not been previously prescribed, or for prescriptions beyond missed appointments.
    E-Mail Requests
    All e-mail requests will be reviewed and responded to within 24-48 hours of receipt. In case of an emergency please dial 911 or go to your local emergency room.
    Form Completion
    We will gladly fill out forms for insurance requests, camp and school that are allergy related. A nominal fee is charged to cover the administrative cost associated with this service. Please allow 7-10 business days for completion.
    In some cases, our providers may determine a physical exam is necessary in order to complete your form. If an office visit is required, our staff will contact you to schedule an appointment.