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Best Hotels For Allergies and What To Consider:

Traveling is stressful enough without worrying about your allergies. Some travelers are lucky to stay with relatives, but not everyone has that choice or would prefer to have their own space at a hotel.

For allergy victims, you do not always know what you are walking into. Several hotel chains do not clean their rooms properly, let alone have allergen controls in place to assist with keeping allergic reactions at bay. This can account for a less-than-enjoyable experience and your system ransacked by allergens.

So, what options do you have?

Hypoallergenic Hotels:

Over the last few years, there has been a new trend in the hotel industry of providing “allergy-friendly” rooms for those who are affected by indoor allergens. Some hotel chains have even been working to improve the air quality systems and cleaning processes to remove unwanted allergens. Research has shown that the best hotels for allergies are pioneering the idea of “hypoallergenic hotels” and are making strides in the trend.

The research conducted was based on the following airborne allergens to see which chains are truly hypoallergenic:

    • Pollen
    • Mold
    • Dust Mites
    • Pet Dander

What to Look for in the Best Hotels For Allergies:

    • Dust Mite Proof Bedding
    • Proper Air Filtration/ Purification
    • Clean and Well-Maintained Heating and Air Conditioning Units
    • Ventilated Bathrooms with Mold-Free Shower Curtains and Bath Mats
    • No Wall-to-Wall Carpet
    • Minimal cloth and upholstery in the decor
    • The entire room was cleaned regularly and thoroughly

Whenever you make a reservation – make sure to ask about their allergen-free accommodations and follow up with questions on the process for that hotel. Some hotels may even offer hypoallergenic products or antimicrobial air treatments.

Some of the Best Hotels For Allergies That Stand Out?

Hyatt Hotels receives the highest rating based on the qualifications above. They choose to offer hypoallergenic rooms in most cities and do their best to make sure every guest is comfortable while having their needs met. Hyatt also scored exceedingly well for those with pet and pollen allergies. Below is a list of the top 5 international hotel chains that go above and beyond to offer hypoallergenic accommodations.

  1. Hyatt
  2. Westin
  3. Residence Inn
  4. Four Seasons
  5. Doubletree

You cannot always depend on the best hotels for allergies to do all the work, but these international chains are starting the trend and recognizing the need to be hypoallergenic.

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