Dr. Gavino, Board-Certified Houston Allergist

Houston Allergist Dr. Gavino Q&A

The McGovern Allergy & Asthma Clinic allergists have provided high-quality allergy and asthma care since 1956. Dr. Aries Gavino, a board-certified allergist, and immunologist specializes in a broad spectrum of allergic and immunologic conditions and is proud to be a member of the McGovern family. Learn more about Dr. Gavino’s work as an allergist.

Question:  Dr. Gavino-What made you decide to choose a career in the medical field, and more specifically as an allergist?

Dr. Gavino: Allergy and Immunology have always been my interests since medical school. I like the science, intricacy, and complexity of the immune system. When I was in Internal Medicine residency training and working in a Primary Care clinic, I thoroughly enjoyed taking care of allergic and immunologic conditions and learning about severe types of asthma. This solidified my decision to become an Allergist and Immunologist.

Question: What is your favorite part about your job?

Dr. Gavino: I enjoy seeing my patients and understanding how I can help their specific needs. Getting to know them on a personal level and seeing them do well are the best parts of being an Allergist and Immunologist.

Question: Do you think most people suffering from allergies are not taking their symptoms seriously? Why do you think it’s important for someone to see an allergist when experiencing allergy symptoms?

Dr. Gavino: Allergy symptoms can range from mild to moderate to severe, and each patient tends to treat their symptoms in their own way. Getting the best medical advice from a board-certified Allergist and Immunologist is important because we can provide the best information and treatment options for whatever type or severity of allergy symptoms.

Question: What sets your allergy clinic apart from the rest when someone is considering your practice?

Dr. Gavino: Patients can expect us to listen to their concerns and not feel hurried when they see us. Unlike other medical practices where they see a doctor only briefly, we spend the necessary time with our patients and discuss our recommended treatment plans. As Houston allergists, we strive to create a warm and welcoming environment for our patients and consider each person a part of the McGovern Allergy & Asthma Clinic family. 

Question: What is your philosophy in medicine?

Dr. Gavino: Patient-centered care with shared-decision making has always been my guiding philosophy. Educating patients, providing them with the best clinical information, and guiding them in making personalized decisions, result in the best clinical outcomes. After patients leave the clinic, I want them to feel they were listened to and that their goals and expectations were met.


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