What Are Hives?

What Are Hives?

What Are Hives?

What are hives? Urticaria, also known commonly as hives, is an outbreak of red bumps or welts on the skin that can be caused by various triggers. If you have experienced an outbreak before or for the first time, knowing your treatment options with your allergist is important.


Understanding a Hives Outbreak

What are hives, and what are their causes? Hives (urticaria) can be caused by various internal and external triggers. Hives typically will fade after 24 hours, but some outbreaks can last longer depending on the type of urticaria:


Acute Urticaria – This type of hives outbreak lasts longer than 24 hours but less than six weeks and can be caused by food allergens, insect bites, and medication allergens.

Chronic Urticaria – This type of hives outbreak lasts longer than six weeks, and the cause is sometimes more difficult to pinpoint. These types of outbreaks can be triggered by an autoimmune disorder such as thyroid disease, hepatitis, infection, or cancer. Physical triggers, such as heat, cold, and pressure, are also possible.


Treatment for Hives

If the hives have not gone away after 24 hours and become acute or chronic, it is time to visit an allergist for a treatment plan. Some common treatments include:


Soothing anti-itch lotion or creams – Topical lotions and creams can help reduce the itching to the affected area and soothe any redness and swelling.

Antihistamines – Medications like an antihistamine can also help reduce the itchiness and swelling to the area. These medications work by blocking your body’s histamine response. Your allergist can help determine which medication is right for you.


Treat Your Hives Outbreak with An Allergist

When experiencing an outbreak, it’s important to always schedule an appointment with an allergist to help pinpoint the cause of the outbreak and develop a treatment plan. The board-certified allergists at McGovern Allergy & Asthma Clinic can help relieve your urticaria, offer a treatment plan, and provide allergy testing to help determine the cause of the outbreak.

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