What is this itch on my side?

Itchy Clothes

What is this itch on my side?

If you’re highly susceptible to skin allergies then you know how certain fabrics feel on your skin. Skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea have reaped the benefits of the popularity in sensitive skincare products like balms, soaps, and creams. Thankfully with the new wave of sensitive skincare products, we now have clothing companies that are accommodating to those who have sensitive skin. 


By wearing natural made material clothing, your skin condition can actually improve. Synthetic fibers such as polyester have chemicals that can actually irritate and trigger your skin allergies. However, natural fibers such as organic cotton and bamboo cotton act as a relief for your skin.

Sensitive Clothing Material 

    • 100% Organic Cotton is usually the best way to go if you have sensitive skin. It is grown without any chemicals and synthetic fertilizers, which are usually the main cause of skin irritations. 
    • Bamboo Cotton is another natural material that does not use harmful chemicals during the manufacturing period. Bamboo is a very cooling and lightweight material. The biggest benefit is that it is 40% more absorbent than regular cotton, which means it takes moisture away from the skin faster. 
    • TENCEL is slowly rising its way to the top as a favorite for those with irritable skin. TENCEL is made from renewable birch pulp, which is basically raw wood material. It is completely eco-friendly and additionally, it contains Zinc, which helps stunt the growth of bacteria. 

Tips to Keep in Mind

    • Always wash your clothing as soon as you buy it before wearing it. This removes any dyes and bacteria.
    • Make sure to wear loose-fitting clothes seeing as how the tighter the clothes, the more likely you’ll cause skin irritation by having your clothes rub back and forth against your skin.
    • It’s ideal to look for clothing that has the tag and information printed on the clothing versus an inner sewn-on tag. This will reduce the friction that causes skin irritation.
    • Keep in mind that the material of your clothing isn’t the only thing that is causing irritation. Any type of embellishments, such as rhinestones or metals, can cause skin allergies as well.
    • Nylon and Wool are the biggest enemies for those who have skin conditions. These fabrics have extremely rough fibers, which can feel prickly and itchy.
    • Dyes, detergents, and sizing are not a tremendous factor, but they are still something that should be considered. Typically, whenever you wear a new piece of clothing, sizing and dyes could be an issue until you wash it several times. However, laundry detergents can be the main source of your skin irritation as well. Which is why it is best to avoid using fabric softeners or anti-static sheets. For the best results, you should follow the wash instructions that are given.
    • Lastly picking a breathable fabric is important so that sweat and bacteria don’t get trapped in your clothing, this is how skin rashes form. 

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